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Written ICly, but sometimes not. Take things with a pinch of salt because this IS GSC Silver.


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Met: 5th Aug
(Amulet and in-person)
Red | Pokemon: Origins
Canon TrainerDislikeThe Salt is Real


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Met: 5th Aug

Silver | Pokemon Special
Canon TrainerDislikeAnnoyanceThe Salt is RealThe Salt is RealThe Salt is Real
Not!Petrel. Double. 'Dumble'. A bleeding heart version of me with a stupid spoilt and soft weavile. He has a pokedex that was given to him by THE professor Oak. A wimp who's nice to his pokemon is not worthy of being my copy. He's really dumb, too. (and offer of help was given that Silver will one day take up.) 

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Met: 5th Aug
Gold | Pokemon Special
Canon TrainerNeutral

CR Thoughts here

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Met: 5th Aug

Cilan | Pokemon Anime
Canon TrainerNeutral
A gymleader.

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Met: 5th Aug
Maya Fey | Ace Attorney
Weird person.

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Met: 5th Aug

Caius Qualls | Tales of the Tempest

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Met: 5th Aug
Irisviel von Einzbern | Fate/Zero

CR Here

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Met: 5th Aug

cherryblod | Wadanohara
Weird Shrimp Person. Not a pokefan or manic. Werido? Yea.

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Met: 5th Aug
Gundam Tanaka | Super Dangan Ronpa 2

WEIRD STUPID FAKE NINJA PERSON. Koga would like him. Talks funny and talks big but doesn't deliver.

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Met: 5th Aug

Shiro | Voltron: Legendary Defender
Used to eat weird Alien Goo??????

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name canon (ICONS)


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name canon (ICONS)

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❝ Heroine (Iria) ❞
[personal profile] bethought
Amnesia: Memories

Good Ending: Clover Route
❝ Kaito Shion ❞
[personal profile] amabile

February 17th - 9 years active
❝ Kiehl ❞
[personal profile] fourthgeneration
Ragnarok Online

Immediately after Kiel Hyre quest
❝ Kiyoteru Hiyama ❞
[personal profile] piacevole

December 4th - 6 years active
❝ Leon ❞
[personal profile] deciso

January 15th - 11 years active
❝ Heroine (Iria) ❞
[personal profile] bethought
Amnesia: Memories

Good Ending: Heart Route
❝ Bethany Hawke ❞
[personal profile] sunshinemage
Dragon Age

Circle Mage or Warden
❝ Denzi Volkner (AU) ❞
[personal profile] fadedspark
Pokemon AU

Immortal Reign AU, Sinnoh Elite
❝ Joy Foster ❞
[personal profile] spiritualistic
Murdered: Soul Suspect

Any canon point - untested
❝ Mikuri Byeon (AU) ❞
[personal profile] exquisiteness
Pokemon AU

Immortal Reign AU, contest trainer
❝ Noel Kreiss ❞
[personal profile] toprotect
Final Fantasy XIII-2

Pre-Lightning Returns
❝ Riley (AU) ❞
[personal profile] of_aura
Pokemon AU

Immortal Reign AU, Incarnated Jirachi

Full journal list is here.

Code by [community profile] efryndiel
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Listed here are games I still have codes remaining for that I won't be using.


Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Deadly Sin 2
Game Character Hub
Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition
Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm
Medal of Honor
Sweet Lily Dreams
Victoria II
War of the Roses: Kingmaker


Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
Medal of Honor

[Strikeouts indicate games already given away.]
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PC - 40
Agarest: Generations of War^
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons^
Cry of Fear^
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition^
Dead Island^
Dead Space^
Dear Esther^
Don't Starve
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Fable - The Lost Chapters
Fable 3*
Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone^
L.A. Noire^
The Last Remnant
Left 4 Dead 2^
Legend of Grimrock^
Little Inferno
Mirror's Edge^
Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale^
Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP^
Syberia 2^
To the Moon^
Viscera Cleanup Detail^
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior^
Ys I^
Ys II^

PS1 - 8
Final Fantasy VIII*
Legend of Dragoon, The*
Tales of Destiny
Wild ARMs^
Wild ARMs 2^

PS2 - 34
.hack//G.U. 1: Rebirth^
.hack//G.U. 2: Reminiscence^
.hack//G.U. 3: Redemption^
Bujingai: The Forsaken City
Dark Cloud
Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition*
Fatal Frame 2*
Final Fantasy X*
Final Fantasy XII
Genji: Dawn of the Samurai*
Grandia III
Jak II
Kingdom Hearts*
Kingdom Hearts 2*
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis*
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance*
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence*
Persona 3
Persona 4*
Radiata Stories
Suikoden III*
Suikoden IV*
Suikoden V^
Tales of Legendia
Tales of the Abyss*
We <3 Katamari
Wild ARMs Alter Code F^
Wild ARMs 3^
Wild ARMs 4
Wild ARMs 5^
Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament

PS3 - 27
Assassin's Creed*
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood*
Assassin's Creed 2*
Assassin's Creed 3
Atelier Rorona
Atelier Totori^
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Dark Sector^
Devil May Cry 4
Dragon Age: Origins*
Dragon Age: Awakening*
Dragon Age 2*
Eternal Sonata
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD^
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2*
Genji: Days of the Blade
Metal Gear Solid 4
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes*
Shadow of the Colossus
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
Tales of Graces F*
Tales of Xillia*

PSP - 12
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines
Final Fantasy: Dissidia*
Final Fantasy: Dissidia Duodecim
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core*
Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker^
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus
PangYa: Fantasy Golf^
Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Xbox360 - 3
Devil May Cry HD Collection^
Resident Evil 5^
Tales of Vesperia*

GameCube - 10
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance^
Mega Man Network Transmission
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes*
Resident Evil (remake)
Resident Evil: Zero*
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
Resident Evil: 4
Skies of Arcadia Legends^
Soul Calibur II*
Tales of Symphonia*

Wii - 6
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn^
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles*
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles*
Trauma Center: Second Opinion^
Trauma Center: New Blood^
Xenoblade Chronicles

GBA - 6
Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance
Fire Emblem^
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones^
Pokemon Leaf Green
Pokemon Sapphire
Tales of Phantasia

DS - 26
Ace Attorney - Apollo Justice*
Ace Attorney Investigations
Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright*
Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright: Justice for All*
Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations*
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales^
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV^
Final Fantasy Tactics: A2^
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded^
Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals
Pokemon Black
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Soul Silver
Ragnarok DS
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure*
Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon
Suikoden Tierkreis
The World Ends With You
Time Hollow^
Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2^

3DS - 6
Bravely Default (Demo)^
Bravely Default^
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance^
Pokemon Y*
Zelda: Four Swords

* indicates a game I have finished.
^ indicates a game I have not played.
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Maku: Hey, you're one of those adventurers, eh? Welcome to the ghetto. Nothing too adventurous here, but hey, you can explore all you want. I don't know if you know, but actually, the peope who live here ain't allowed to explore this whole city. It's kind of taboo to talk about, but what do I care, right? Yeah, basically the rich people here are too afraid of the poor people comin' to see them, so the security in this city is pretty tight! Those upper class guys are trash... I didn't used to think this way. I actually used to have a pretty rich friend till I found out he's not all I thought he was. That moron! Why's he like that?! Eh, forget about it. Why am I even talking about my personal life to someone I just met anyway? Sure, we all do it, but still... Well, when you get bored of the ghetto, you really oughta check out the rich section of town. I'm bitter, but I'll also admit it's way nicer than this place.


Digotz: Oh, an adventurer? Welcome to Uptown Lighthalzen. However, I'm afraid this area won't have much to offer you in the way of excitement. My name is Digotz, just another citizen of Upper Lighthalzen. I hope that you enjoy your stay in my hometown.

Player> 'Do you know someone named Maku?'

Digotz: Maku? Maku. yes, he's my childhood friend. Or he was, anyway. Now he's just a jerk. In any case, we can't hang out, even if we wanted to, for several reasons. Hey, why am I even talking about this? It's not like I'm bothered by the fact me and Maku aren't pals anymore. You know what? Just forget everything I said.


Maku: Hey, what are you doing back over here? I thought I recommended going over to check out Uptown Lighthalzen. This place is pretty run-down...

Player> 'I actually met Digotz and...'

Maku: You what...?! You saw my old pal, Digotz?! Er, I mean, Mister Alexander Digotz, who usedta be my buddy, but obviously not anymore. Sure, we were real close at one time, but that was too long ago. It's been a long time since we hung out and he probably hates my penniless guys and... Crud, just listen to me, I sound like a wuss. I don't miss Digotz! In fact, I hate the guy, one hundred percent! The next time I see him, I'll beat him to a pulp! Man, I need to blow off some steam! Sure, me and Digotz were buds before and maybe we might seem like friends now, but not anymore, though we used to be closer than this. Argh! Don't get me wrong, I don't miss the guy or anything like that and I don't feel sorry about what happened. But if he ever came to apologize to me, I'd probably accept, you know. Well, after thinking about it, of course. I mean, I'm not the one holding a grudge. It's all that guy's fault! Sheeeesh!


Digotz: I know that the opulence of Uptown seems rather attractive, but trust me. This place is colorless. Now, have you visited the poor district?

Player> 'Yes, I did already... And I met soemone named Maku there.'

Digotz: Maku?! Oh, he must have mentioned something about me. But I don't care what he says, unless it's an apology for being a fully blown jerk. Ever since we were kids... Anyway, we used to be close, but that guy was never a true friend of mine! Like that one time he cheated to beat me at arm wrestling! Or when he never thanked me for buying us lunch! Sure, he might have helped me a little in meeting my first girlfriend, but I'll never ever forgive him for fixing me up on the worst blind datrs a man can possibly experience! Maku doesn't know a damn about friendship! Even if I did want to see him, there are these people who don't want the rich to ever meet with the poor. If Maku's fine, that's good enough to hear for me! There's no need for me to go all the way over there and check up on him! I only have one regret though... I only wish I had one last chance to see Maku... So that I could kick his sorry ass myself! Yeah, that's right! Arrogant bastard! But still, I'm not able to do that... The security guards here will never allow the rich and poor to meet, fearing that the poor will disturb the peace and order of the city. It's a dumb rule made for dumb people. Still, it's pretty scary that someone can get punished for violatign such a stupid taboo, actually. Anyway, ify ou see Maku again, tell him this for me, got it? 'Hopeless bastard! You're still a stubborn jerk! You owe me at least 3 lunches! Not to mention an apology! But who cares what you think?! I'm so goddamn happy without you!'


Maku: What the hell are you still doing around here? You must have better things to do than talk to a ruffian like me or that snobby and totally prickish Digotz.

Player> 'Speaking of which... I spoke to Digotz again. He told me to give you a message, but I'm not sure th--'

Maku:That no-good bastard has a message for me?! Oh, I'm soooo honored~ Tell me what that fink has to say, like by line!

-Hopeless bastard!-

Maku: "Hopeless bastard?!" Well, at least he had the stomach to say that. Through somebody else anyway! What else'd he say?!

-You're still a stubborn jerk!-

Maku: "Stubborn jerk?!" Takes one to know one, bastard! Why I oughta-- Grrr! What'd he say next?!

-You owe me at least 3 lunches!-

Maku: Three lunches?! I treated that guy to lunch, like, fifteen times! I tell you, the guy does not know the meaning of friendship! What else did that moron say?!

-Not to mention an apology!-

Maku: Me, apologize?! He should be on his hands and knees begging for my frickin' forgiveness! That... That selfish no-good stupid... W-what else did he tell you?!

-But who cares what you think?!-

Maku: "Who cares what I think?!" GRRRAAAH~!! Who cares what he thinks!! *Pant Pant* I'm gonna murderlize that dumb creep! He can't possibly make me angrier than I am now!

-I'm so goddamn happy without you!-

Maku: That's it. It's decided. The next time I see Digotz, I'm gonna plaster his face all over the floor. RrrrRrrrr.... RrrrrRRRrrRR.... GGGGGRRRRR...

Uh oh... it looks like Maku is starting to rage just a bit too much.

Maku: Gggrrrr... GRAAAAAAAAH~! Who the hell does he think he is, telling me all sorts of crap?! Digotz, you're not getting away with this! Gonna wreck you!!

Maku's seething quickly explodes into pure, violent rage. You manage to calm him down after a while, but barely keep yourself from getting killed in his outburst.

Maku: *Pant pant* *Whew~* D-don't worry, I've got a grip on myself now. Thanks for not letting me get too crazy. Times like this, I really miss Benkaistein. Benkaistein would always make sure that I'd stay out of fights. I really miss that guy. Still, he ain't around... Damn those guards! If they weren't there, I could just go over and kick Digotz's ass! I swear, it if weren't for them...!


Digotz: Oh, it's been a while. What are you doing back over here? And, um, did you deliver that message to Maku? Now when I think about it, I was kind of--

Player> 'I delivered your message word for word, and Maku got angry, called you names and has been threatening to beat you up pretty badly.'

Digotz: That no-good, dirty lying rotten scoundrel! If it weren't for those guards, I'd head over to the ghetto and beat Maku up myself! That stupid guy! During times like this, I really miss Benkaistein. That guy would always have an answer for this kind of situation. Yeah, I think he's in some far off town, studying. Supposedly he's in that place, whatever it's called, since there's a ton of books there that he can use. But yeah, Benkaistein would always be the mediator... Even back then, when me, him and Maku used to hang out, Benkaistein would mediate if we got into some argument. Still, he couldn't do anything about Maku now... I don't know why, but I'm so angry! Why am I stressing out so much over this?! Even if Benkaistein came back from wherever he was studying, I don't think he'd be able to get Maku to apologize to me. That guy is just way too stubborn for his own good!


Joey Choryee: This is a study area where you're not supposed to speak, walk or even breathe loudly. Still, students like Benkaistein can tune out the whole world when they study hard enough... Benkaistein...? He's in the north part of this room. He's a real nice guy, but a little anal. Well, he's too organized and he labels everything!

Passionate Student: Let's see, now. Wind Magic, Black Magic, Porings, ah, there it is. Monster race properties. Hopefully this contains the information I need...

Upon briefly glancing at this student's belongings, you notice that the name "Benkaistein" is printed on them. This is the friend mentioned by Maku and Digotz!

Player> 'Excuse me... Benkaistein?'

Passionate Student: ...The world of humans and the world of demons, yes, yes... No, what I'm looking for is a reference to the heavens or Asgard. Hmm, this here might help...

Player> 'Hey... Over here. Benkaistein!'

Passionate Student: ...Oh, now that's a very interesting observation. If I can incorporate that into my thesis without too much trouble, my standpoint would look much more solid...


Passionate Student: Oh, good heavens! C-can't you keep your voice down? I-I'm trying to study! No, wait. Have you been calling me all this time? Oh, you startled me! Still, I'm aware that it's hard to get my attention once I immerse myself in a book. So, how can I help you, adventurer?

Prompt> Tell him about Maku and Digotz.

Benkaistein: Oh, how are my friends doing? Oh, what? They're having a huge fight just because one's rich and the other one's poor? That's pretty childish! But then again, that's just like them. *Sigh* I really want to go back home and get those two to make up, but I also need to finish this thesis. Let's see... What can I possibly do from here? Oh, I know what I can do! Wait, but where did I put it? Oh, how could I lose something so important? Wait! Would you please wait a second while I look for something? aw nuts, this is taking much longer than I had expected. Now where did I put that thing? Hmmmm...

Perhaps it would be best if you help Benkaistein look for what he is searching for.


This book is labeled, "Benkaistein's Journal Vol. 6" This is probably what Benkaistein was trying to find, so it might be best to bring this and show it to him.


Benkaistein: Oh, is that it? Did you find my journal? Quick, let me check. Yes, yes... This is it! Thank you for finding this for me! Would you mind doing a favor for me? It'd be better if I talk to them myself, but I'm too busy working on this thesis... Would you please give this journal to Digotz and Maku? I wrote in it when we were really young, so it should remind them of all the good times we used to share. Anyway, this should at least help them realize how stupid they've been acting. Thanks in advance, and please take care of Maku and Digotz for me.


Digotz: Even if Benkaistein did come back, I don't think i could forgive Maku. In fact, you know what? I think I'd even be madder!

Prompt> Show Benkaistein's Journal.

Digotz: Why am I so ticked off? *Sigh* You have something to show me? Huh? Benkaistein wanted me to read this diary of his? Sure, why not? I do owe him a lot over the years...

Benkaistein's Journal: Today, me, Digotz and Maku played this crazy flying game. Basically, we make these wings out of wood and paper, jump off these hills and try to fly. Dumb, I know. Today it was my turn to jump and flap my arms with these fake, badly made wings. It's not really a fun game when i think about it. Boy, I hope we don't do that again.

Digotz: Oh yeah, I remember that! Maku wore the wings most of the time, but I still hold the record for staying in the air the longest! Yeah, I was a regular Kid Pegasus~

Benkaistein's Journal: Maku, Digotz and me went outside of town. Of coruse, we didn't tell anyone or else we'd get in trouble. It was a really exciting day. But then, we ran into a monster! I wanted to run away but Maku and Digotz wanted to beat it so that we could become heroes. Of course, we got hurt pretty bad and the monster got away. Boy, mom was not happy...

Digotz: Huh. I don't remember that so well. But I know that Benkaistein, me and Maku weren't afraid of anything back then. We must have been totally nuts to fight a monster, though.

Benkaistein's Journal: Digotz's been sick for three days now. It's just a normal cold and Maku keeps saying it's Digotz's fault he got sick. But he's always asking me to go visit him and see if he's okay.

Digotz: I think I remember being pretty sick. Maku was worried? I... I must have had a horrible life threatening disease like, um, Gonorrhitis. You know. That might have been it.

Benkaistein's Journal: Mom and dad keep telling me not to hang out with Maku anymore. Their reason is really dumb, and I don't care if he is poor. He's one of the best guys that I'll ever know. Digotz's family is really rich and they don't want him to see Maku anymore either. But Digotz doesn't care. I know he likes Maku a lot.

Digotz: Well, we were a lot younger and closer back then, so... *Ahem!* Why did Benkaistein even write that?!

Benkaistein's Journal: Today, the three of us made an oath of brotherhood, just like we read in the comic book. We swore we'd always be friends no matter what. For ever and for always.

Digotz: I... i was forced to make that oath! And people do change, you know! I mean, we were basically just kids, it's not like that oath really means anything now, does it? That does it. I'm gonna go see that Maku. I don't miss him or anything, but I gotta get him to cancel the oath. And maybe I'll beat him up a little bit. Wh-whoa, I need to get ready! That Maku's gonna make fun of me if I look too rich and pampered. Damn! Where did I put all of my fashionable street clothes?


Maku: Hey, what is that? You want I should read this journal? Er, okay, but I'm none too comfortable going through somebody's diary. It's just kinda... creepy, you know? Hey, this thing is Benkaistein's. I haven't seen that guy in a long while. Ah, so he gave it to you for me to read? Alright, I owe him a favor or two, so I oughta...

Benkaistein's Journal: Today, me, Digotz and Maku played this crazy flying game. Basically, we make these wings out of wood and paper, jump off these hills and try to fly. Dumb, I know. Today it was my turn to jump and flap my arms with these fake, badly made wings. It's not really a fun game when i think about it. Boy, I hope we don't do that again.

Maku: What is he talking about?! That game was real fun! Yeah, I usually wore the wings and Digotz always wanted to wear them too.

Benkaistein's Journal: Maku, Digotz and me went outside of town. Of coruse, we didn't tell anyone or else we'd get in trouble. It was a really exciting day. But then, we ran into a monster! I wanted to run away but Maku and Digotz wanted to beat it so that we could become heroes. Of course, we got hurt pretty bad and the monster got away. Boy, mom was not happy...

Maku: That's right! Back then, the three of us weren't afraid of anything! Of course, Digotz got beat up the most. But I gotta say, he was also the most fearless of us.

Benkaistein's Journal: Digotz's been sick for three days now. It's just a normal cold and Maku keeps saying it's Digotz's fault he got sick. But he's always asking me to go visit him and see if he's okay.

Maku: Wh-what?! No, I wasn't worried at all! That must have been the time Digotz caught Clymonia. You know, that, uh, horrible disease. No one should have that one!

Benkaistein's Journal: Mom and dad keep telling me not to hang out with Maku anymore. Their reason is really dumb, and I don't care if he is poor. He's one of the best guys that I'll ever know. Digotz's family is really rich and they don't want him to see Maku anymore either. But Digotz doesn't care. I know he likes Maku a lot.

Maku: ... ......

Benkaistein's Journal: Today, the three of us made an oath of brotherhood, just like we read in the comic book. We swore we'd always be friends no matter what. For ever and for always.

Maku: Well, that's true, I guess, but people change! Besides, we got that idea from a comic book! Well, if he apologizes first, I guess I better forgive him.

Player> 'Good... Because Digotz said that he'll be coming by in a few days.'

Maku: What?! He's really coming here? What for? it's too late to patch things up! Still, I'd be a real prick if I didn't see him. Alright, fine! I'll teach that guy a lesson once he's here! And, um, gimme that journal! I'm gonna read more of it so I can make fun of Digotz. Bwahahaha! But yeah, um, thanks. Not that I'm grateful or anything. So, uh, I guess I'll see you later. Um, now I gotta get ready for something. (But not to see Digotz!)


Digotz is seriously injured from a wound by a knife that is still embedded in his belly.

Player> Digotz...? Oh no, let me get you some help!

Digotz: H-hey... it's the adventurer... Man, that Maku. He always did bring me bad luck... It's too late for me and I don't have much time... Those guards I told you about... The ones who don't want the poor and the rich to mingle? I... guess they found I was gonna meet my old pal. I just wanted to see him... This guy... In a black suit... He just... He just stabbed me! I... God. It's been so long since I've talked to him. We'll hang out and have fun, just like the good old days. I missed my buddies, but now... Now I can hear them calling me. Now we can all be together just like we all promised. Yeah... I was wrong. life's too short to be angry with your frie-- ...................

Digotz stopped breathing. You remove the Knife from his lifeless body as a final courtesty to a man who dearly loved his friends.

Digotz has passed away, but the look on his face seems very peaceful and content.


Benkaistein: Were you able to bring my journal to Digotz and Maku? I'm pretty sure it'd remind them of all the good times we had. I know they sure can be stubborn... Anyway, I really appreciate all your help. When I go back home, I look forward to seeing the two of them again. Until then, I need to research, finish my thesis and accomplish my academic goals. Oh, please take this pass which will let you go back and forth between the rich and poor areas as my thanks. Anyway, I wish you safety in your travels, adventurer. When the three of us get togehter, I'll be sure to let you know~


Maku: Why is this guy so late? Once he shows up, I swear, I'm gonna...! Eh, he might have some kinda reason for being late, but if he don't, I've been saving a whole six pack of kickass to open, just for him. Heh heh heh~
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C Level

RobinF: Gaius, I am SO sorry about earlier! I had no idea you were in the bath...
Gaius: Aw, no worries. At least I hadn't taken off my smallclothes yet, eh? Er, but I did want to mention I'm usually in much better shape. With the stress of this blasted war, I've been eatin' more sweets than usual. Usually I'm a real piece of eye candy. Belly like a washboard, glutes like a lumberja--
RobinF: Okay, then! That's quite enough. I believe you... Er, but I did notice something else, has me a little worried...
Gaius: WHAT?! You saw THAT?! Gods, how embarrassing... It's just...uh...some poison oak I got into the other day, I swe--
RobinF: I'm talking about the tattoo on your arm. It's the one they use to mark convicted criminals, isn't it?
Gaius: Oh, that? Yeah, I got caught once doing a favor for a mate. Paid the price. But, uh, I'd appreciate it if you kept that little nugget under your hat, Bubbles.
RobinF: ...Did you just call me Bubbles? Er, but don't worry. I won't tell any--
Gaius: You'll tell everyone, you say? So it's to be blackmail, is it? Fine then. I can understand taking an opportunity to line your pockets. You can have my portion of dinner tonight, okay? Will that slake your greed for now?!
RobinF: Er, one helping of bear is already more than enough, thanks. Also, I'm not blackma--
Gaius: You drive a hard bargain, Bubbles! Very well. Take this custard pie!
RobinF: ...No, thank you. I'm not--
Gaius: If you are looking for ransom, I can assure you I don't have any money. But what I do have are a very particular set of honey cakes...
RobinF: Look, I don't want any treats from you, all right?! I'll keep your blasted secret!
Gaius: Whoa, easy there, Bubbles! Here, maybe a little chocolate will put you in a better mood...

B Level

RobinF: Gaius? I didn't know you ran a market stall..
Gaius: Oh, sure. I like to get out, meet the common folk, sell the odd trinket... Speaking of which, see anything you fancy? I've got silk smallclothes from exotic ports, genuine leather belts, top-quality figs...
RobinF: Do you have any books? Strategy books, specifically? I've been hoping to expand my tactical knowledge to better serve the Shepherds. However, I can't find a single volume in these parts. It really is most strange...
Gaius: Strategy books, is it? Wait right there, Bubbles!
RobinF: Huh? Where'd he go? ...Oh, you're back! That was fast.
Gaius: Take a gander at this lot, and tell me if any of 'em tickle your fancy!
RobinF: By the... Gaius, this crate is FULL of books! Did you buy every tome in the market?!
Gaius: Sort of. Here, they're yours. Every last one, my gift to you! But that makes us even about the whole "wink-wink" thing!
RobinF: Gods, but you are pigheaded. For the last time, Gaius, I am NOT blackmailing you! Now please, return these books. I can't take them in good conscience.
Gaius: Oh, I see! Books aren't good enough? Still holding out for something better?!
RobinF: *Sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I even try... ...Oh, what a handsome pendant. I've never seen the like.
Gaius: The pendant, then? And we can call it even?
Gaius: Guess not!

A Level

Gaius: Here, Bubbles. I got you something.
RobinF: A pendant? ...Is this because of the one I saw in town that I liked? Er, thank you, Gaius, but I'm not sure I feel--
Gaius: Heck of a thing, too! Probably worth a big sack of gold down at the market.
RobinF: Then I must refuse. I can't accept such an extravagant gift.
Gaius: All right, maybe I stretched the truth, just a little... It'd be worth a sack of gold IF they paid for sentimental value, see? ... 'Cause I made it myself.
RobinF: YOU made this? But, it's magnificent!
Gaius: Pleased you like it, Bubbles. Makes all the effort worthwhile.
RobinF: But why did you--
Gaius: Oh, no particular reason! None at all! good turn and all that.
RobinF: You're trying to bribe me again, aren't you?! I've already told you a hundred times, I'll keep your secret! I gave you my word, and that should be the end of it!
Gaius: Look, I trust you. Honest and truly. It's just that in my business, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Gal who says she'll do something for nothing? Well, she's the first one wanting payback down the line!
RobinF: ...Oh, very well. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. I have something important to tell you.
Gaius: Important?
RobinF: It's a secret. A very embarrassing one. You see... *whisper, whisper*
Gaius: BWAAA HA HA HA! And the chicken...?! Oh, you did NOT do that!
RobinF: Ah, but I did. And now you are the only one who knows. So in return for you keeping it safe, I promise to safeguard YOUR secret. Do we have a deal?
Gaius: ...Heh, I see what you did there. And...I appreciate it. All right. Deal. ...But you have to keep the pendant! It's not a bribe, now. More like a... I don't know... A thank-you gift.
RobinF: In that case, I accept.

S Level

RobinF: Gaius? When are you going to tell me what this is all about?
Gaius: Just come here, Bubbles. I've got something I want to show you.
RobinF: What is it? Did you make another pendant?
Gaius: Nope. I did one better. ...Here.
RobinF: Oh my goodness, Gaius! What a beautiful ring!
Gaius: Really? Phew! Glad I didn't screw it up. See, 'cause I was kind of hopin' you'd...wear it.
RobinF: I...don't understand...
Gaius: Well, it's an engagement ring, see? And I'm offering it to you.
RobinF: ...Oh gods. You're serious, aren't you?
Gaius: Never been more serious in my life! Robin, you're the sweetest gal I've ever met. And I love you. So? Will you marry me, Bubbles?
RobinF: Ha ha, well it's unlike you to ask a favor without offering something in return...
Gaius: Aw, come on, don't leave me hangin'! I'm seriously dyin' here!
RobinF: So what do I get, then? A lifetime together with you? Always and forever?
Gaius: I...guess?
RobinF: Is that asking too much?
Gaius: No way! That's a piece of cake! Right then, it's a deal. I promise to make you happy for the rest of your life.
RobinF: Then my decision is a piece of cake, too. I've been smitten with you for ages, Gaius. Of course I'd be honored to be your wife.
Gaius: Aw, thanks, Robin! You've brought joy to this old brigand's heart! Now come here and give me some sugar, Bubbles.
RobinF: Er, but, Gaius? One other condition: you have to stop calling me Bubbles.
Gaius: Baby, you're a river of chocolate in an ocean of cream. I'm gonna steal your heart on a daily basis.
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Cordelia: Lon'qu, we're about to hold the war council. It's time to return to camp.
Lon'qu: Very well. ...Er, may I ask you something?
Cordelia: Of course.
Lon'qu: Why did you come to my assistance in our most recent battle?
Cordelia: Well, you were beset by foes and looked as if you needed the help.
Lon'qu: I see. You are not wrong in this. I would like to settle the debt quickly. Is there anything you need?
Cordelia: It's hardly a debt, Lon'qu. We're on the same side. But I can see you're serious, so let me see... I'd love to get some fencing lessons, but I suppose that's not possible. I mean, what with your crippling phobia of standing near women.
Lon'qu: Er...
Cordelia: By the way, does this phobia mean you can't help me on the battlefield, either?
Lon'qu: No. In the heat of battle, I am able to overcome my...inclinations.
Cordelia: Well, that's a relief. I'd hate to think you'd stand there while some brigand ran me through.
Lon'qu: If you ever require assistance, you need only say the word.
Cordelia: I'll keep that in mind!

B Level

Lon'qu: What has happened to my oaken practice sword?
Cordelia: Oh, I replaced the blade. The old one had a split in it.
Lon'qu: How diligent of you.
Cordelia: No one had checked the training equipment since the start of this campaign. I took it upon myself to sort through the wooden blades, shields, and dummies.
Lon'qu: I see.
Cordelia: Er, Lon'qu? Did you know that sweat is pouring down your face?
Lon'qu: Yes, of course. I was just finishing my leg-strengthening drills.
Cordelia: Well, it's good timing, because I have a fresh pile of towels from the laundry. I'll leave one here for you.
Lon'qu: ......
Cordelia: Right then! To the sound of thunderous gratitude, I'll go and prepare supper. You like cabbage stew, don't you?
Lon'qu: It is my favorite dish. Are you the one who keeps preparing it at every meal?
Cordelia: Oh, so you DID notice! Yes, that's me. I like to keep morale up by serving little treats now and then. Anyway, see you at supper!
Lon'qu: You help people even when they don't know it? ...Wait. Let someone else cook tonight. It's time for your first fencing lesson.
Cordelia: Er, but what about the whole pathological fear of women thing?
Lon'qu: I shall instruct you from a distance. Now tell me what you wish to learn.
Cordelia: Why, that's downright gentlemanly of you.

A Level

Cordelia: Hmm? Someone tidied up all the practice equipment. Also, the laundry's been brought in, and supper is on the boil. What manner of witchcraft is this?!
Lon'qu: I did these things.
Cordelia: You?!
Lon'qu: Yes. I discovered a problem during our fencing lesson. You are too worried about everything else going on in this camp. This means you are incapable of the proper focus required for fencing. I have removed the distractions so that you might concentrate properly.
Cordelia: Oh, er. Right. I see.
Lon'qu: Ungh...
Cordelia: Lon'qu? What's happening? What are you doing? You just went pale!
Lon'qu: I am steeling myself for our next session. It is a complicated procedure that cannot be shouted from a distance. I must...approach you...and hold your show you perform the action...
Cordelia: Gracious, Lon'qu! If it's so stressful, we can skip the lesson.
Lon'qu: N-no! I owe you...a debt... well. I don't do this again.
Cordelia: You have my undivided attention!

S Level

Cordelia: Hi-yah! Gwaah!
Lon'qu: Interesting. You adapted my moves and wrought them into something new. The result is a new fencing art entirely of your own devising.
Cordelia: It's going to be incredibly useful in the battles to come. And I couldn't have done it without your help, Lon'qu.
Lon'qu: ...... Who do you intend to protect with this new skill of yours?
Cordelia: Why, my comrades, of course. Everyone in this army.
Lon'qu: You lie. I have watched you in battle. You have eyes for only one man. You are in love with Chrom.
Cordelia: I did love him, once. For the longest time...
Lon'qu: You speak as if that was in the past. Has your heart changed?
Cordelia: Actually, yes. It has. Now you tell me something, Lon'qu. Why do you care about my heart?
Lon'qu: Er...
Cordelia: No, wait. I'm not finished yet. You've given me help and fencing lessons under the guise of repaying a debt. But I told you you owed me nothing. So what is the real reason?
Lon'qu: That was the reason. ...At least in the beginning.
Cordelia: You overcame your phobia of me while performing countless menial chores... I would know your reason for this, sir.
Lon'qu: I am not a man who...expresses himself well with words. Perhaps this gift will tell you what you want to know.
Cordelia: Let me see--Ah, a ring! Oh, and what a nice big stone! So many carats... Wow...
Lon'qu: Put that loupe away! If you don't want the ring, discard it and we will speak no more of this.
Cordelia: I don't want to throw it away, Lon'qu! I want to WEAR it.
Lon'qu: You do? Then...?
Cordelia: Yes, Lon'qu. I've fallen in love with you as well. And I'd be happy to marry you.
Lon'qu: Even in my wildest dreams I dared not hope that you'd say yes.
Cordelia: Heh. Yes, and you're stuck with me now, I fear. But don't worry. I think we're going to be very happy together!
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Ah, so it looks like I had to go home sooner than I thought. Sorry about that, I guess whatever brought me here didn't think I needed to stay. But I'll take care of things back home while you're still on your Pokemon journey. When you get back you'll have some great stories to tell, right?

I'll be at home to welcome you back with our parents, so this isn't really a goodbye. I'll see you later, Miyuki. Remind me to treat you to anything you want, and maybe play some tennis. You'll be better than me someday soon after all.

Show 'em that you're the best, just like always.

See you at home! I'm sure I can skip a few days of school to celebrate my sister becoming the Pokemon League Champion.


P.S. Oh, take care of Mi-chan for me, okay? I gave this letter to her, so she's yours.

P.P.S. Haha, I'll really have to treat you now, after you did the same for me after the others went home. I'll make it something good!
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